What are the benefits?

Queenstown zone substation supplies over 2,600 customers in the Queenstown and Glenorchy area and is an important switching station, as it connects to Commonage, Frankton Grid Exit Point (where Aurora Energy connects to the national grid), and Fernhill. As well as managing our existing assets, we’re also planning for the future to ensure the network is adequate to meet the demand growth of the community, in terms of both population and an increasing demand for electricity as people make lifestyle changes to support decarbonisation.

When will work happen?

Preparations are underway to prepare the site for the new control, protection, and switchgear building. Work to upgrade the substation will start in 2024 and continue into 2025. We are aware that the site is in close proximity to a primary school and kindergarten and are working with both centres to ensure the safety of the students and public.

Any questions?

Thank you for your patience as we carry out this work. For more information, please contact us.

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