We want to help you stay safe around trees and electricity.

Here's some safety tips

  • Use a professional aborist to trim your trees
  • Power lines are not insulated so never touch a power line
  • Always assume that a power line is live and dangerous
  • Do not trim or cut down trees near power lines or within falling distance of power lines and structures
  • Stay clear of power lines when removing any object caught in a tree
  • If a tree branch breaks off and lands on a power line, call us to log a fault on 0800 22 00 05
  • Make sure your children stay safe and do not climb trees that are anywhere near overhead power lines

Report unsafe trees

Our approved contractors carry out regular inspections across our network to identify vegetation that is a safety hazard. They can't be everywhere all the time and sometimes hazards arise quickly, especially during weather events.

Everyone needs to be vigilant of trees near powerlines. If you see a tree or vegetation growing into or near power lines, please contact us on 0800 22 00 05.