Everyone is responsible for safety. If you are planning on doing work anywhere you may come into contact with poles, power lines, underground cables or any other equipment on the Aurora Energy network, the golden rule is safety first, for yourself and those around you.

Before you start work, you are required, by law, to follow the correct, safe working practices. 

The risks

If you hit an electricity cable or overhead line, there's a risk of: 

  • Electrocution 
  • Electric shock 
  • Flash over 
  • Explosion 
  • Fire 

To be electrocuted, you don't have to be touching a live cable or overhead line. A person, machine or tool is the same voltage as the cable from the moment of contact.  If the cable is cut by an excavator, or contact is made with an overhead line, anyone touching the machine is likely to be electrocuted. Electricity can also travel through the ground, causing the ground to become live. 

If you hit a fibre-optic cable, there’s a risk of: 

  • Eye damage 
  • Blindness

Our safety rules